Work From Home

Home Sweet Home

Staying at our home is more peaceful than staying anywhere in the world. At some point of time we all wished if we could stay at home forever, we all wished if we could just remove the burden of going out each and every day over and over again.

Well this time, the God was pretty much in mood to fulfill our wishes and thereby boom – we got an opportunity to stay at home for an unknown period of time. And even we don’t need to worry about our jobs as well. We can continue it from our home itself. What else we could have asked for!

Alas! Just the way a coin has two faces when the majority of people were enjoying the work from home, the other people were suffering in the same way. In research it is found that globally 68% of employees are welcoming the WFH but the rest are of course in the problem. So we’ll be discussing a few pros and cons of working from home as in the reference of the current situation.

The Household Chores

There’ll be hardly any Indians who didn’t get scolded, ever for once, for not doing their household chores properly. Staying 24*7 at the home, of course, increases the number of basic household works which is obviously a new burden. It is the least important disadvantage, the main disadvantages are-

  • Not having the proper arrangements. Say, no stable internet connection is available or the power supply is not regular and many more.
  • Lack of skills. The senior employees are basically not tech-savvy and have the least energy to learn.
  • Distraction. It is not too easy to concentrate on work having the near and dear ones around.
  • Lack of professionalism. Wearing formals at home for a meeting is not enough to rub away the essence of home.

Comfort Zone

No matter how much tough task is given, if you sitting are at your comfortable couch with a continuous supply of food and beverages and having a homely vibe around, it becomes easier to attempt to do the task. Again it being one of the least important advantages, the other advantages of working from home are as follows –

  • Flexible schedule. The scheduled can be moulded as per your mood, health conditions etc.
  • Customised environment. The mood can be set as per your demand
  • No commute. No travel, thereby no extra wastage of time and money.
  • Fresh mood and thereby more efficient at work.


To conclude, I’d like to comment that it all depends on the situation of the organization, of the employee and of the surroundings whether work from home is an effective method or not. The advantages and disadvantages cannot be compared and thereby cannot be given weights making the work from home either a tradition or an emergency measure.